Arabic Academy Malaysia offers Arabic Language courses throughout the year. To ensure that every student gets individual attention, all courses are kept small, no more than eight students per class, although class size is frequently smaller. Small class size gives the right balance of challenge and support for each individual as well as maximize student-teacher interaction as well to personalize course work to the students’ individual interests and abilities. Classroom instruction is intended to develop the student’s speaking and listening skills. Classes are designed to create an intimate environment between staff and the student body.

Languages other than Arabic are not permitted during the lesson, except at the elementary level when students have not yet acquired sufficient vocabulary to understand grammar and vocabulary explanations in Arabic. Even in these instances, the teacher will use only minimal English. We strongly believe that students develop language skills more rapidly and effectively if they are completely immersed in Arabic from the outset of their studies. Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to communicate among themselves in Arabic and to make social contacts which provide opportunity to practice their language skills with native speakers.

All courses are taught through a communicative approach, recognising the need to integrate the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to be able to use the language effectively. Students begin speaking Arabic from the first lesson. Teachers also incorporate audiovisual aids into classroom instruction time.

The Academy uses a combination of published and in-house designed teaching materials. Though many supplementary materials are utilized, the primary textbook for all courses is Al Kitaab fi Ta’allum Al Arabiyya from Georgetown Press.

A comprehensive placement test evaluating each student’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills is administered prior to the start of each course. This is designed to assess the level of the student in all areas and ensure placement within the correct level. Classes are organized on the basis of examination results in consultation with the teaching staff.

On completion of each level, an achievement test is administered, the results of which will determine the student readiness to progress to the next level. These tests are also required for final certification.

We believe that a successful a teaching programme must include an objective evaluation system. Our evaluation systems integrate written and verbal exams as well as daily assignments. We provide these tools to help students evaluate and accomplish their language goals.

Our teachers have professional qualifications as Teachers of Arabic as a Foreign Language to students from all over the world. Each classroom is led by an experienced and enthusiastic native speaking Arabic teacher.

You will take on learning one of the most beneficial languages worldwide.