Arabic is one of the oldest living languages in the world, and is the origin of many languages. It is the official language of 350 million people in more than 23 countries, on a larger scale it is spoken in most Muslim countries as it is the spiritual language of Islam, one of the world’s major religions.

The Classical Arabic which sets the standard for all written and official material throughout the Arab world, is also a permanent language of the United Nation and has been established as one of the the top official languages in the world.

Anyone can learn or relearn a language. It is never too late or too early to begin. We accommodate the needs of individual students to help them feel capable, confident, and independent.

Arabic Academy Malaysia is a center dedicated to providing quality Arabic instruction in a beautiful and conducive setting, using a communicative curriculum along with modern technology.

Arabic Academy Malaysia offers quality Arabic courses for adults and children for all races from all walks of life and all age groups, including students, professionals, expatriates, businessmen and women, diplomats and retiree. We offer courses from basic to advanced level for individuals, family and groups.

Arabic Academy Malaysia
offers courses which are designed to optimize your progress and provide the language skills needed to communicate effectively in Arabic.

The Arabic Academy Malaysia Arabic Program provides introductory and intermediate level students with a rigorous complete immersion language experience in an Arabic environment, integrating the acquisition of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills at an accelerated pace.

Students in Arabic Academy Malaysia will learn how to:

  • Interact with each other and native speakers.
  • Assume ownership of their learning.
  • Participate successfully in a warm social environment

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